Rubbing Alcohol On Herpes Sores

Rubbing Alcohol On Herpes Sores 1

I was diagnosed with HSV-2 by type-specific serology 16 months ago after experiencing a primary herpes infection 20 months ago. Herpes (her-pees) simplex 1 virus (HSV-1) is also called a fever or cold blister or a cold sore. It is a common germ that causes painful blisters on the lips, gums, or mouth. Put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Put this on the blisters to reduce swelling and to help the sores dry up. Question – Will 70 percent rubbing alcohol kill herpes simplex viruse – HL. Find the answer to this and other Dermatology questions on JustAnswer. You may even end up making it very sore. I would suggest since you are already under the cover of the Valacyclovir and topical Zovirax cream on the area, an addition of a steroid antibiotic combination will reduce the itching pain and inflammation.

Rubbing Alcohol On Herpes Sores 2I have suffered from cold sores since i was a child. I dont cut my bactine w/ rubbing alcohol but i suppose it couldnt hurt! Herpes sufferer. Then he would burn off his cold sore and apply rubbing alcohol to clean it. Rubbing oil is basically like 99 isopropyl alcohol.

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