Is herpes deadly?

Is herpes deadly? 1

Herpes simplex is best known for causing cold sores or genital blisters that go away on their own, only to break out again weeks or months or even years later. Picture of a typical Oral Herpes outbreak. There’s a lot of confusion about herpes out there. One reason is that there are two types of herpes, caused by two very similar viruses. Researchers found that the genes from the herpes virus may help cure the deadly skin cancer melanoma.

Is herpes deadly? 2Experimental Drug Shows Promise for Genital Herpes Treatment. In rare cases, HSV invades the brain and triggers potentially deadly inflammation. The most deadly forms of meningitis are caused by bacterial infections. Some of these can be prevented by immunisation – Haemophilus influenza type B (Hib) and meningococcus group C among them. An uncommon cause of viral meningitis is the herpes simplex type 2 virus.

Experimental Drug Shows Promise For Genital Herpes Treatment

Is herpes deadly? 3


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