Does Bret Michaels actually have herpes?

TMZ just had video of him where he points out his own cold sore. It might be harder to find contestants for Rock of Love 3 unless they are all on Valtrex. Poison frontman and Rock of Love romeo Bret Michaels is the type of guy that makes me want to take a long shower under high pressure hoses in San Quentin prison. I took one look at Michaels’ washed up, glam rock mug on the television and I didn’t just think Shit Pal, your star has really faded. I thought Shit, your star has herpes. Here, lets do the math: Bret Michaels fucks a pole artist, a 63 year old hair metal fanatic, a Lithuanian transsexual and an underage Taco Bell grill hand in the concrete jungle of West Hollywood and 24 hours later he s emerging from a Sunset Strip motel with a brand new venereal nightmare that is as rampant and angry as Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall. Chicago — Poison front man and all round stud Bret Michaels, 47, was rushed to an undisclosed hospital late last night for what doctors have called, The most f ed up case of herpes I’ve ever seen. I don’t really have time to get into it, but the herpes shot right up to his brain and it’s just wreaking havoc. It’s hard to see him like this, but those doctors will take care of him.

Does Bret Michaels actually have herpes? 2Breaking News – Bret Michaels admits to having LOTS OF STD’S. Bret Michaels Poison’s Bret Michaels has had one hell of a five years. I wonder how many Miss Universe contestants will come away from this pageant with herpes. I, too, believe he’s amassed enough puss in his time that it’s now actually giving him more years. Bret Michaels has lived with the diabeetus since childhood. And you cannot protect yourself from common STDs like herpes by using condoms herpex shedding happens in places where condoms do not cover.

No one can accuse Bret Michaels of mailing anything in. Every rose might have its thorn, but Bret Michaels no longer has his fiancee: the rocker has called off his engaged to Kristi Gibson. Personally, I commend VH1 for their attempt to quarantine herpes by keeping them all in one house. Bret Michaels banged them and so can you! Seemingly all you need is really good vodka and a strong lower back. So the second season of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels has commenced. I was watching the premiere with MetalSucks friend Tommy Wee, who had never seen the show before, and he kept asking me why they would stick Bret Michaels in a house with a bunch of Bellevue patients; but that didn’t bother me, because crazy, ugly, third rate porn stars acting like total morons in a lame attempt to get with someone who hasn’t really been famous since about 1991 or so is the entire point of watching drek like this.

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Does Bret Michaels actually have herpes? 3If you want a sun-kissed hair metal herpes angel so badly, go see what the blond dude from Cinderella is up to. Bret still has a lot of living to do; we only got three seasons of Rock of Love! Or Bret can just stop fighting destiny and finally realize that he truly belongs with my favorite demure flower: DJ LADY TRIBE!. Cold sores DO exist and, yes, they are herpes simplex 1 — usually. 24, If you really are a safe sex counselor, then you lack compassion for your clients. When a guy like Poison frontman Bret Michaels comes to town, the buzz is so full of excitement that it becomes part of the entertainment itself. It is so cool for me to see because I know for some people, it’s that once-a-year night they let their hair down and truly have a rockin’ good time. He and his crew do everything they can to ensure a fabulous entertainment experience. Bret and his bevy of could-be girlfriends have taken the reality show out of the mansion and on the road, accompanying Bret on a cross-country tour. When DJ Lady Tribe isn’t busting out of her corset and saying she could orgasm over and over and over and over again, she’s rapping to Bret from a sheet of lyrics written on the back of piece of paper with the words Genital Herpes instructions at the top in bold font. But just as Bret requested, the girls really do bring the crazy to the after-party. SlideshowThe Most Scandalous Moments of Episode 1 of ‘Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels’. Rock star and entrepreneur Bret Michaels and continue to evolve their partnership with the first ever Bret Michaels luggage collections by Traveler’s Choice, as part of the Live Bret. I’m truly a person that shops on and have done so for a long time. NET does not endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of, any user comment. It’s really a fair trade, though: he gets the fame, money, and exposure (to herpes!), and we get to mock him on the internet when shit goes wrong. It’s tough to imagine that the people making the jokes actually mean Bret Michaels any ill will.

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Do you really still think you can win this thing by not being slutty? It is because you can contract herpes by simply WATCHING Rock of Love Bus. Revolution has really stepped it up in the ‘post-apocalypse humour’ dept this year. But she did get the chance to really pimp her MySpace profile with dirty pics, exclamation mark-happy updates on Bret’s CW appearances (!!!), and a heartfelt blog entry promising the "3rd time will be a charm!!!" Yes, spelling-challenged Ambre, we bet it will. Bret Michaels Set To Gift Third ‘Rock Of Love’ Soulmate With Future In MySpace Famewhoredom. Which Bret gave her Herpes? Let’s just say it is REALLY easy to get distracted in Earth and Space. 4.

It’s because love isn’t really the goal here for these contestants. Though I wouldn’t touch Bret Michaels with a nine-foot pool even if Purell hand sanitizer sponsored the event, I am willing to admit he’s far more musically accomplished than I. It’s troubling enough to see someone smother a perverted has-been, but a perverted never-was who once graced the lap of a has-been? Or worse-a nobody who once swapped spit with the never-was who once graced the lap of a has-been? When will this ever-distancing chain of televised promiscuity end? My guess is not soon. It seems that hard rock love went very wrong for Bret Michaels yet again, because here we are with another season of Rock of Love. He thinks that it has to do with the fact that he spends 300 days out of the year on tour and therefore he doesn’t believe he can find love in a house. The blue bus girls are actually singing Kumbaya. It’s like if Bret Michaels died from a rose thorn. Do people have like NO sense of humor anymore? Obviously I don’t really have herpes. What exactly are Genital Herpes instructions? The bouncer/Bret Michaels companion knows that he’s going to be on camera, right? Does Bret have notes written on the backstage passes?

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